Fitness Skate

Fitness Skate is Roller Derby without quite so much Derby. Well, it actually has quite a lot of Derby, but there’s less smashing into each other.


Fitness Skate is all the exercise and fun of Derby, it just isn’t a competition. A great way to get in shape, Fitness Skate is a full-body workout that never feels like work. You’ll go through many of the same drills Central Maine Derby uses in practice, and get a feel for being part of “the pack,” without having to look over your shoulder, which makes it not only the coolest way to get some exercise, but a great introduction to the sport.

Though primarily run by Pickle Bunny and Sweet Peacock, a lot of the CMD skaters show up pretty regularly. Come hang out with us, and experience an exercise you’ll be telling your friends about.

Fitness Skate is run at Great Skates from 6:30 – 8:30 on Tuesday nights, and is open to men and women 18 and over.